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Revolutionizing Traffic Monitoring & Vehicle Access Control

FF Group offers edge technologies and AI data solutions for efficient traffic management, access control, and parking management.
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Our Products

No-code road traffic Data Intelligence Platform for Milestone powered by AI.
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World's fastest on-camera LPR & Vehicle Recognition software for AXIS cameras.
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Server-based vehicle license plate number, brand, model, color and type recognition.
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Native LPR & Vehicle Recognition plugin for Milestone.
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Traffic Monitoring & Analytics

Make more informed decisions and improve operations.
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Real-Time Road Traffic Control

Get the most detailed and accurate traffic insights for traffic control systems.
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Lightning-fast LPR

World's fastest on-camera LPR software that gives you real-time insights.
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The FF Group team is a valuable proactive Axis partner, quickly and creatively helping response to challenges in the security market with EDGE solutions. They were one of the pioneers of MMR edge with their CAMMRA technology and their solutions are in good synergy with Axis cameras.

Joe Danielson

Global Strategic Alliances&Enterprise Solutions,
Marketing Manager | Axis Communications

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There is no alternative – our clients were requesting a solution to manage their LPR data in combination with Make Model and Colour within Milestone – FF DataFactory offers this and more.

Ruan Coetzee

Business Development & Solutions Consultant
Duxbury Networking

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Our long term collaboration with FF Group team and their NumberOK product portfolio brings to us state-of-the-art license plate recognition technology ensuring accurate and reliable results. We are as system integrator also very satisfied with all the integration possibilities and we can easily make custom made solutions for our demanding customers. Last but not least, there is superb technical support, which we need for difficult applications.

Jakub Sevcik

Project development, Aryka IN-WEST a.s.

We co-create solutions with our partners and customers

Urban traffic control

Urban traffic control system for the city in Czech Republic.
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Public safety

Traffic monitoring system for the city suburban in Africa.
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Traffic control

Unique intelligent transportation system for Dublin Airport.
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Access control

Vehicle management system for logistics center.
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How we empower businesses & transportation projects

World’s fastest EDGE LPR recognized by AXIS and Milestone.
Custom transportation intelligence software: our platform with no-code architecture allows to create custom business logic for any transportation project in less than 24 hrs.
Open, scalable, and flexible: Add licenses and new technology as you need them without compatibility issues.
The only transportation data processing platform working within the Milestone interface.

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