CAMMRA Case Study

Traffic monitoring system for the city suburban in Africa

Unique traffic monitoring project was successfully implemented in a city in Africa with the invaluable support of our partners, including integrators and a leading camera vendor, utilizing a sophisticated police database system. This collaborative effort has significantly contributed to the safety and security of the suburban areas, making it a model project for future implementations.

The Challenge

The municipality needs to receive data on allvehicles and their amount to ensure safety inthe suburbs. If an intruder or a suspiciousvehicle is identified, the data is immediatelysent to the police.

The Solution

  • CAMMRA recognize vehicle license plates, make, type, date, time and the registration country onboard the Axis camera.
  • Recognized vehicle data are sent to the central Police database for reconciliation with the state automobile database.
  • Information about the intruders or suspicious vehicles is automatically sent to the police server for subsequent action (fine or arrest).

Key Features

Comprehensive Vehicle Identification

Accurately captures and identifies all vehicle parameters, enhancing the ability to monitor and control traffic effectively.

Enhanced Security

By focusing on suspicious vehicles, the system plays a crucial role in preventing criminal activities, thereby increasing the safety and security of residents.

Real-time Monitoring

Provides continuous oversight of traffic, ensuring that any unusual activities are promptly detected and addressed.

Solution Architecture

Each smart camera with CAMMRA captures the vehicle license plates, make, type, color.
Traffic data in JSON format are sent via HTTP protocol to the separate off-site Police central server for vehicle verification with the local police car database. The off-site Police service checks for consistency of data received from CAMMRA with state number databases. If there is a suspicion that the car has been stolen, then the Central System sends a notification on the mobile phone and to the police VMS (vehicle screenshot and message about suspicion).
Recognized data from CAMMRA is also sent to municipal VMS, which controls the entire urban video surveillance system. The data received from CAMMRA via TCP protocol are sent to the VMS event engine, where notification messages are generated and the video is searched by vehicle number, color, make, and model.

Benefits of CAMMRA

License Plate 
Recognition of 74 vehicle makes
Recognition of 6 vehicles types
Whitelist check
Traffic statistics collection and analysis
Out of detected
Detection on high-speed:
up to 160 km/h
Reports are available ‘per period’

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