CAMMRA starts in the USA

CAMMRA starts in the USA

The world’s fastest License Plate and Car Recognition Software on Axis camera CAMMRA enters the US market! Just install it in 10 minutes or less and get all vehicle meta-data with outstanding accuracy of the car’s rear and front view (brand, model, type, color and license plates) at speeds up to 100 mph.

CAMMRA is integrated with leading VMSs and provides its own analytical back-end, Data Factory integrated with Milestone. For others there is a free API available.

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CAMMRA, an advanced Axis camera application by FF Group, utilizes the ACAP to enhance traffic monitoring. By integrating with Axis cameras, CAMMRA turns them into powerful traffic sensors, gathering vital vehicle information like make, model, color, type, and license plate recognition. This data makes CAMMRA indispensable for city and highway traffic monitoring.

Strategically installing cameras equipped with CAMMRA along city roads allows administrators to efficiently manage traffic flows. The application supports various use cases such as tracking stolen vehicles, aiding law enforcement, and conducting statistical analyses. Its design caters to high-speed and multi-lane scenarios, offering seamless integration through an open API.

CAMMRA's metadata integration with major Video Management Systems and national databases ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure. Notably, its server-less architecture utilizes camera processing power for analytics, eliminating the need for additional servers.

In summary, CAMMRA revolutionizes traffic monitoring by transforming Axis cameras into intelligent sensors. With its comprehensive data collection, integration capabilities, and server-less architecture, CAMMRA empowers administrators to gain insights, enhance traffic control, and facilitate various traffic management and security applications.


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