Revolutionizing Urban Traffic Management with carGuroo LPR Solution

Revolutionizing Urban Traffic Management with carGuroo LPR Solution

FF Group has emerged as a leader in LPR and data analysis, establishing itself as a pivotal ally for Milestone's global clients. The carGuroo plugin for XProtect stands at the vanguard of LPR/MMR technology, delivering unparalleled speed and accuracy in vehicle data capture, from LPR to extensive classification metrics. This robust integration facilitates the smooth synthesis of data and video through our FF DataFactory (Data Fusion Platform), propelling urban traffic initiatives to new heights worldwide.

The Evolution of carGuroo

carGuroo represents a transformative leap in LPR technology, seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect to elevate urban traffic projects to unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy. With its ability to effortlessly capture and recognize any vehicle data metric, including color, at speeds of up to 250 km/h across 4 lanes, carGuroo sets a new standard in urban traffic management.

What sets carGuroo apart is its deep integration with Milestone XProtect, ensuring seamless event logging and retrieval within seconds. Our latest updates have made carGuroo even more powerful, with added support for deeper Milestone events integration and barrier control for whitelisted cars, solidifying carGuroo as the top choice for urban infrastructure settings.

Unlocking the Potential of carGuroo

  • No speed or lane limits
  • Adaptable for single or multi-server deployment
  • Region specific customization options
  • High accuracy of over95%
  • Superioro insights and visualization through the FF DataFactory Fusion Platform
  • Direct management through the Milestone Management client

With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with Milestone VMS, carGuroo delivers the utmost in accuracy and data collection, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions while effortlessly optimizing traffic flows.

carGuroo not only excels technically but also delivers pragmatic solutions tailored to real-world situations. In the area of hospital access control, for example, carGuroo’s seamless integration with Milestone XProtect transforms hospital premises into secure and convenient spaces for various classifications of visitors. Similarly, in the realm of urban traffic monitoring, carGuroo equips municipalities with essential insights in managing traffic flow and optimizing budget planning.

Hospital Access Control

In hospital settings, where security and efficiency are of paramount importance, carGuroo is the optimal solution. Integrated seamlessly with Milestone XProtect, carGuroo automates the entry process, ensuring secure and smooth access for diverse visitor groups. The system’s automatic barrier response is triggered whenever an individual approaches, streamlining entry procedures. Moreover, in emergency situations, carGuroo's robust search capabilities enable swift identification through license plate records, arrival timestamps, or entry permits. This efficient access control mechanism not only enhances security, but also facilitates smooth operation within the hospital premises, catering to the various needs of staff, guests, and VIPs.

Urban Traffic Monitoring

Efficient traffic monitoring and management are vital components of any urban landscape. carGuroo's LPR technology plays a key role in gathering essential data for traffic analysis and management. By seamlessly integrating with Milestone XProtect, carGuroo provides municipalities with critical insights into traffic patterns, transit flows, and road usage dynamics. Real-time data collection enables precise measurements of traffic flow, facilitating informed decision-making processes for city planners and traffic management authorities. 

From monitoring transit traffic to analyzing road load and traffic density, carGuroo empowers integrators to implement effective strategies for mitigating congestion, preventing traffic jams, and optimizing urban traffic infrastructure. This comprehensive approach to traffic monitoring supports municipalities in forecasting future traffic trends and planning budget allocations to address evolving urban mobility needs.

Embrace the Future of Urban Traffic Management

Experience the future of urban traffic management with carGuroo as your go-to sensor, seamlessly woven into Milestone XProtect. With FF Group's DataFactory, integrators can gain access to powerful analytics tools that empower law enforcement agencies and municipalities to control entire urban traffic ecosystems effectively.

In conclusion, carGuroo stands as the ultimate LPR solution, reshaping the landscape of urban traffic management and paving the way for a safer, more efficient future.


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