carGuroo for smart city and logistics projects

carGuroo for smart city and logistics projects

Why is carGuroo ideal for use at smart city and logistics projects?

You can recognize and collect LPR, Make Model & Type of entire regions within Milestone XProtect without the need for extra modules. And most importantly you receive road traffic data lighting fast with high accuracy!

You can test out carGuroo right now on the Milestone Technology Partner Finder

About carGuroo:
carGuroo is a powerful Milestone XProtect LPR plugin, delivers fast and precise vehicle data for diverse security applications. Integrated seamlessly with XProtect, carGuroo efficiently processes extensive vehicle-related information, empowering users to enhance security and surveillance within their Milestone system.

Efficient Vehicle Data Management: carGuroo provides a comprehensive solution for managing vehicle data, seamlessly integrating with Milestone XProtect for easy control and configuration directly from the interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

FF Group Database Plugin: carGuroo incorporates the FF Group database plugin, facilitating rapid storage and retrieval of events and searches. This integration enables lightning-fast searches, saving valuable time and supporting effective decision-making.

Seamless Integration with XProtect Event Server: The plugin seamlessly integrates with the XProtect Event Server, utilizing Alarm and Analytics events to transmit collected vehicle data to the system. This integration ensures real-time notifications and alerts, enhancing situational awareness and enabling proactive response to security incidents.


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