EDGE solutions can detect traffic data in real time

EDGE solutions can detect traffic data in real time

Traffic cameras monitor traffic and control access successfully performing the tasks of transport data sensors in systems.They allow you to build large flexible traffic systems and quickly scale them up. A new stage in improving the traffic capabilities of cameras will be the acceleration of on-camera software, which will allow them to successfully compete with server solutions.

For example, CAMMRA is already the world’s fastest and highest quality application on Axis cameras. Its recognition level is 99% (for number plates) and more than 95% (vehicle classification) at a speed of 160 km / h per 1 lane, or in other words 70 ms. Our goal in 2022 is to reach “real time on EDGE”, i.e. 40 ms. This way we will actually get the power of the server on the Axis camera.

These improvements provide ample scope for efficient use of the camera on which the CAMMRA application is running. How did our R&D team succeed? We have optimized the vehicle brand and model recognition algorithm to work on the processor platform of the Axis camera. In addition, we began to use additional chips on the camera, in particular, the GPU graphics accelerator chip for certain operations on vehicle classification. This has increased the speed of recognition.

The new speed capabilities of CAMMRA are already being successfully tested around the world, in particular in North America.

At the same time, the FF Group software recognizes and classifies vehicles equally well from both the front and rear angles. The very fact of determining the car’s angle opens up opportunities for a number of logics to work, for example, determining the direction of the vehicle’s movement in 1 frame (previously, several frames were required). Soon this functionality (recognition of the rear view) will be available in Europe.

And the flexible integration of CAMMRA into third-party systems allows for providing only the data that users’ need, and not transmitting the entire video stream.

What awaits CAMMRA users in the near future and what will we share with you in the upcoming blogs?

One of the first technical challenges will be to speed up CAMMRA to a real time speed of 40 ml/sec. The level of the false rate indicator will also be significantly reduced.

As part of the product roadmap, new types of metadata will be added to CAMMRA, such as the definition of emergency vehicles (ambulances and fire engines), as well as a new vehicle type recognition “motorcycle”.

Soon at the Intertraffic exhibition (Netherlands) you will be able to get acquainted with our solution, and communicate with our team and partners from Axis, Milestone and Sorama. We’ll be waiting for you on March 29-April 1, 2022 at the booth 05.105.

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